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Not the average gym experience …

If you desire a different level of training, check out CrossFit Iron Legion in Downtown Ocala. They are not the average gym experience. At Iron Legion you will find a welcoming community made up of everyday people. The difference here is that each of these people hold themselves to a higher standard.

They want more out of life than the standard gym routine. And what’s even better – they want the same for all the members at Iron Legion. They all hold each other accountable and motivate each other to stay the course.

Fenrir’s Mayhem IV
Go Fast. Lift Heavy. Take Risks.

CrossFit Iron Legion
Ocala, Florida – June 3-4, 2016

Fenrir’s Mayhem IV is is a two-day CrossFit competition. It takes place in Historic Downtown Ocala, Florida. Divisions include 3-person same-sex Teams, Scaled, Rx, Elite, Masters, and Grand Masters for individual men and women. This fitness competition features 3-person, same-sex teams and individuals proving they have what it takes to be the best! The mighty Fenrir will challenge competitors with impressive WODs similar to last year’s Sons of Muspell, and Heat of the Fire Jotnar. The registration deadline for athletes is May 27th.

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