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Community Cultural Arts Plan

Community Cultural Arts Plan

The Ocala Community Cultural Arts Plan was recently presented to the City and Marion County Community and opened up for discussion. Community stakeholders and members and City leaders joined together to lay out this 10-year strategic plan for the arts in Ocala.

Ocala Main Street thanks the City and all those involved with the plan for supporting the Arts community and understanding the important role cultural arts plays in economic development and quality of life in Ocala. To check out the full Ocala Community  Cultural Arts Plan, click HERE.

In the recent Arts and Economic Prosperity Study, Ocala and Marion County showed a $3 return for each $1 spent on Cultural Arts activities in our community which speaks to the economic impact the cultural arts have on the community.

The plan:

  • Identifies existing cultural resources
  • Includes an evaluation and recognition of progress made to date
  • Determines the “State of the Ocala/Marion County Arts”
  • Identifies needs
  • Provides recommendations in several cultural arts areas including the proposal of three cultural arts districts, proposes consideration of a dedicated funding policy that will be economically viable, and proposes the creation of a separate Cultural Affairs Department in 2021.

Information provided by the City of Ocala.
For more information, click HERE.