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American Pawn

29.18654023812075, -82.13808828993933

  • Limited spots of 2 hour parking available



29.18669010467748, -82.1356689374079

  • 2 hour parking available


Collier Lot

29.18569723447418, -82.13845307036536

Concord Lot

29.188212597279893, -82.13649792596698

  • 2 Hour parking available


Downtown Parking Garage

29.186019492279637, -82.13486454449594

  • The best place to park for downtown Ocala! - Free Parking


Downtown Square

29.18671944043331, -82.13650462223995

  • Metered parking available


Gause Lot

29.185246735402202, -82.13766477070749

  • Restricted and reserved parking


Murphy Lot

29.187680493667685, -82.13742006628308

  • Restricted decal required


Theatre Lot

29.185678501118957, -82.13760549231665

  • Visitor of business parking



Please note: Public parking availability varies depending on time of day and lot location. Please review the sign posted at each lot entryway to determine what parking spaces are currently accessible.

Downtown Parking oversees 291 parking spaces throughout the Downtown Ocala area. 186 are lease spaces spread over five different lots, and 72 are metered spaces, some of which are in lots and some on the streets. There are many parking spaces Downtown that are free. Please follow signage. Downtown Parking Officers strictly enforce the reserved lease spaces, the meters, the 2 hour time limits, and all parking codes. The meters cost a Nickel for 6 minutes, a Dime for 12 minutes and a Quarter for 30 minutes. If you are ticketed you can pay your ticket at the drive-thru or lobby of the Citizen Service Center at 201 SE 3rd Street, by mail as directed on the ticket, or online at